MAR 25, 1885 - 1948

Son of: John Robinson Cooper and Martha (Dorah) Bloodworth

Wife: Lorina Cooper


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Floyd Mollie Cooper was born on March 25, 1885 in Santa Rosa County. He was the fourth child / fourth son of John Robinson Cooper and Martha Dorah Bloodworth.



During the great flu epidemic in 1892 Floyd's mother died. Dorah was 32 years old and one of his brothers, Johny Cooper, age 4yr 9m also died.


Floyd's father, John, never fully recovered from the Flu in 1892 that killed his mother and because of his weakened state of health he had a relapse of the Flu in August of 1893 and passed away. After Floyd's parents' deaths he and his brother, Samuel Jackson (Jack) Cooper age 14 and his sister, Annie Mae Cooper age 4 were taken into their grandmother Louisa Slay Cooper's home. Louisa was having a difficult time feeding and providing for her grandchildren so one of Dorah's sisters, Lou Bloodworth Dean took the three children to live with her near Pace, Florida.

At the age of twenty one Floyd and Lorina Cooper, one of his first cousins, ran off to Defuniak Spring, Florida and were secretly married. The family wasn't pleased with the fact but they were determined to be together so eventually the family grew to accept it.



Floyd passed away in 1948.

During Floyd's and Lorina's forty two years of marriage they had eight children: Joseph Edward, Cleta Missouri, Margie Beatrice, Earl Lee, Carl Delone, Callie Dora, Lynn Madison, and Floyd Mollie Cooper, Jr.

Floyd's and Lorina final resting place is in the Hickory Hammock Cemetery east of Milton, Florida.

Floyd's middle name story: Floyd's mother's best friend was named Mollie. Before Floyd was born, Floyd's mother promised her best friend that she would name her next child after her. Unbeknownst to Dora and Mollie, Dora's next child was a boy. Keeping to her promise Dora gave her son the middle name of Mollie. During his life, Floyd would sign his name using the initial "M" rather than dealing with the humorous comments that would surely have been the outcome.