FEB. 29, 1884 - JAN. 9, 1909

daughter of: Henry Moses Cooper and Elizabeth Reed

father of children:  Wiley Morrell

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Vinie Louisa Cooper was fourth child, second daughter of five children born to Henry Moses Cooper and Elizabeth Reed Cooper. She was born February 29, 1884 in Santa Rosa county, Florida. Vinie also had two half siblings, Archie Moses and Belle Cooper which were children by her father, Henry, and his second wife, Louisa Bodiford.


Vinie gave birth to Wade, her first son, when she was 19 years old. Wade was born August 15, 1903 in Harold, Florida.


Vinie's second son, Alfred, was born sometime in 1908 when Vinie was 24 years old. Alfred was also born in Harold, Florida.


Vinie had severe migraine headaches prior to her death and it is written that it was a migraine that took her life. She died on January 9, 1909 and her final resting place is in the old Cooper Cemetery next to Cooper Basin.


No documentation has been found that indicates that Vinie ever married. It is known that she had some type of close relationship with Wiley Morrell and that possibly Vinie's two sons were his but court records and Wiley's last-will-and-testament indicates that that might not have been the case.