SEP. 18, 1898 - MAR. 9, 1983

Daughter of: James Fountain Cooper and Lucyann Missouri Levins

Husband: William Jackson (Bud) Carr


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Susie Idell Cooper was born Sept 18, 1898 in Harold, Santa Rosa Co., FL.  Her father and mother were James Fountain Cooper and Lucyann Missouri Levins.  Blue-eyed Susie weighed only ninety-eight pounds when she married William Jackson "Bud" Carr.  Susie gave birth to Eunice Vera, Ruby Lee, Willie Dee, and Robert Earl "Bob".  Bud earned his living by logging at the Porter Mill and also provided for his family by farming his own land at Wilkerson's Bluff.  They remained on that land until the early part of the 1920's when a bad flood hit the area destroyed all they had.

Being driven away from Wilkerson's Bluff by the ravages of nature, Bud and Susie went to Holt and started again on John's Road.  Bud died in 1947, leaving Susie with her young son Robert Earl to raise.  She took a job in the cafeteria in the Holt School and later took a job at Eglin Air Force Base in the cafeteria.

In 1968, Robert Earl purchased a home on Johnson Street in Holt and he and his mother moved into it.  He provided well for her and gave her a very good home.  Each year he took her to the Smokey Mountains in the fall, as well as, taking her on other vacations to include Disney World.

Susie was very active in her church, The Assembly of God Church, and along with her sister Bessie, was present each time the doors were open.  Together, Susie and Bessie spent many an hour piecing cloth to make a square, which they each embroidered their names to create a quilt.  The quilt was then sold to raise money for the church.  She wasn't too keen on driving herself to church however, because the last time she ever drove a car, she selected the wrong gear for the direction in which she was headed and flattened a fence.  After that incident, her loving son Robert purchased an automatic transmission vehicle for her, but she decided it was time to retire the driving.

For many years, Susie had circulatory problems consisting of high blood pressure.  She spent her final hours at the West Florida Hospital in Pensacola as a result of a stroke.  After living a long full life, Susie passed away on March 9, 1983 at the age of 85. Her final resting-place is in the new Holt Cemetery in Holt, Florida.

Written by: Kim Little, friend of the family.
November 2002