Susannah Demerah Cooper
husband:  Daniel Jasper Adams

  1. Fannie Laveda Adams
  2. Minnie Estelle Adams
  3. Daniel (Danny) Adams
  4. Ruben (Rube) Daniel Adams
  5. Daniel Judge Adams
  6. Tippie Louisa Adams
  7. Della Adams
  8. Alferd Marshall Adams

Susannah Demerah Cooper was the ninth child born of John Jordan Cooper and Louisa Slay Cooper. She was born at the Cooper Basin homestead April 11, 1875. 

Memories of Susannah Demerah Cooper as recalled by her grandniece, Cora Alberta Beck :

" I remember her with gray hair and that she was tall and slender - of course she was up in years. She was a very loving mother. I remember going to her house when two of her sons or grandsons were there, and that the two boys played fiddles. They did a tremendous amount of playing, singing and dancing.  One of the times when we went to her house the whole family got together for something like a hoe down. Her house was always the one that everybody seemed to go to for that sort of thing. They were very nice and friendly people."