The Tenth "Cooper Basin" Coopers' Family Reunion started at 10:00am, on Saturday, June 24, 2006 at the Milton High School cafeteria in Milton, Florida. Historically, the second day of the family reunion is held at the Old Cooper cemetery located near the eastern edge of the old homestead. Nancy and I had to leave early, on Saturday, in order to fly back to Columbia this year because of my business so we missed the end of the reunion and unfortunately were not able to attend the gathering at the cemetery. I have not heard from anyone to know if anyone attended but I hope some of the family did.

There were around 56 family members and a few friends of the family in attendance on Saturday.  Almost everyone was present for the group photograph but a few were not. Not everyone signed the attendance book, as usual, but the candid photographs taken by Doug Gillis, Barney Cooper, Nancy Cooper (my wife) and myself recorded those that were not in the family group shot.

If you would like a copy of the outline that I created for my presentation, which list the points I covered and a brief intro to my talk, click this link: r2006-talk-outline.pdf

Anyone that took photographs at the reunion on Saturday or at the Old Cooper Cemetery on Sunday please contact me. I would like to place the photos on our web site.

Cuz'n Miles