July 26, 1916 - LIVING

Daughter of: Matthew Cornelius Wilson & Bessie Elizabeth Cooper

husband: James Laffette Garrett

No Children

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Noma was born in Harold, Florida on July 26, 1916. She was the fourth child, third daughter of ten children born of Matthew Cornelius Wilson and Bessie Elizabeth Cooper.


Noma Lee Wilson married James Laffette Garrett in Quincy, Florida on August17, 1935.


Noma's husband of 30 years dies of a heart attack on March 8. 1965.

The following was written by Shirley J. Parker, grandneice of Noma Lee.

Noma Lee was born in Holt, Fl, the 26th day of July 1916 to Matthew Cornelius and Bessie Elizabeth Cooper Wilson. James was born in Milligan, Fl, the 25th day of April 1908 to Lizzie and LeRoy Garrett. Noma and her mother went to visit her sister Inez in the Enzor Brothers Hospital. Dr Olin Enzor asked Bessie if Noma could work for him eventually she would work for Dr. Al Enzor. Her mother agreed and Noma went to live at the hospital in 1932. Living quarters and meals were furnished. She states that she worked six weeks for one dollar and twenty-five cents.

Jim was working at the Hospital and Noma caught his eye. He found a better paying job in Quincy working for the state. They were married in Quincy on August 17, 1935. Later Jim took a job as a policeman. Then along came WW2 and Uncle Sam said, "I want you". Jim was drafted into the US Army on the 20th of Feb 1943. As soon as he completed boot camp he was assigned to the Med Det 398 Engrs, and shipped to France. There he was to remain until August 2, 1945.

While Jim was protecting the lives of all Americans, Noma continued to work at the hospital. Noma was selected to be trained as an Anesthetist. She went to Jackson, MS for two weeks of on the job training. Now her duties as a Licensed Practical Nurse ranged from being the Anesthetist during surgery to emptying bedpans and mopping the floor. She states that they worked from "can to can't"; they never knew how many hours they would work in a day. Besides hospital duties, the doctors had their normal office hours held at the hospital. Therefore, she also worked as his Nurse during the office hours.

Jim returned from Europe on August 2, 1945 and had the opportunity to be released from military duties with an Honorable Discharge. He was a man of many talents; he decided to return to carpentry as a profession and eventually obtained a position with the Civil Service at Eglin A.F.B.  Jim loved telling jokes and was always happy. He died suddenly with a heart attach on March 8, 1965.

1967 brought changes to Noma's life, she moved to Holt to take care of her mother. 1980 marked her forty-eighth year as a nurse. This was the year that Doctor Al retired and so did she. Her days of taking care of people had not ended. Her sister Ira developed breast cancer. Noma moved to Ira's home to take care of her. Noma has unselfishly taken care of the sick in her neighborhood. It did not matter what time of the day or night someone needed her help she was always ready to help.

Noma never remarried. She continues to live alone at eighty-six. She enjoys talking with her many friends. She has devoted her life to helping others.