MAR 27, 1890 - abt. 1953

Son of: Henry Moses Cooper and Elizabeth Reed

1st wife: Fannie Smith

2nd wife: Margariete (Babe) Hicks


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Jordan was the fifth child / third son of five children of Henry Moses Cooper and Elizabeth Reed Cooper. He was born March 27, 1890 in Harold, Santa Rosa County, Florida.
(source: Santa Rosa County 1917-1918 Civilian Draft Registration Document)


On December  24, 1912, when Wiley Morrell was murdered by Ed Taylor, Jordan with his older brother Tom and Wiley's older brother Aaron went after Ed Tayor to avenged Wiley's murder.


Around 1953 when Jordan was on his death bed he finally told the whole story of what happened with Ed Taylor and his horse when he and Aaron caught him at the river crossing. Jordan died sometime around 1953 and his final resting place, is believed to be, in the Helms Cemetery at Millers Bluff, east of Milton, Florida.


Jordan was a tall slender man and it is said that he wouldn't back-off from any man, he would rather beat them to death with his large fist. He was feared by most because of his short temper.

At some point in his life Jordan injured one of his legs which required him to wear a home-made wooden brace. Calvin Hamm (Jordan's grandnephew) remembered when he was a youngster, seeing his granduncle sitting on the porch whittling on the brace.

Calvin also remembered his granduncle telling him that there was a portion of the river bank that neither he nor any of his friends were every to go near. Calvin thought that this must have been the place where Jordan and Aaron Morrell must have buried the bodies of Ed Taylor and his horse.

Sometime later in his life, Jordan lived with his nephew Wade Cooper Morrell and his family. This was told to me by one of Jordan's grandnephews, Herbert Osey (Pete) Morrell, during an interview on October 25, 2000.