SEP. 4, 1900 - AUG. 5, 1979

Son of: Susanah Demmerrea Cooper and Daniel Jasper Adams

Wife: Elvira (Tennie) Pace


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1900 - Rube was born on September 4, 1900 at home in Santa Rosa County, Florida. He was the fourth of eight children born of Susanah Demmerrea Cooper and Daniel Jasper Adams.

1927 - Sometime around 1927 he married Elvira Pace. Elvira was born February 3, 1907.

1928 - Rube and Elvira had their first of four children, Glendora Adams. She was born on July 2, 1928.

1933 - They had their second child, Imogene Adams. Imogene was born on January 15, 1933.

1935 - Rube and Elvira had their third child, a son, named Hugh Adams but God chose to take him home that same year.

1941 - Rube and Elvira had their fourth and last child, Julie Nell Adams, on March 2, 1941.

1979 - Rube died on August 5, 1979 and Elvira passed away on September 6, 1984.

The following is based on a conversation on July 7, 2004 with Julie Nell Adams Varner, daughter of Daniel Rube Adams.

Her father, early in his life, was a logger and tapper. A tapper / turpentine collector, tapped pine trees by attaching a bucket , normally ceramic, about chest high to the tree and then would make several diagonal slits in the tree above the bucket forming a series of "V" like shapes which would allow the sap to run into the bucket. The sap was then collected and distilled to extract the spirits of turpentine. He was the first bus driver for the city of Milton and also drove a taxi for many years. Occasionally he was envolved in the killing and butchering of hogs.

He was a church going man. He and his family attended the church that used to be located next to the Crain Cemetery in north east Milton. His wife and two of his daughters, Imogene and Julie, were Baptised there.

For enjoyment, as a boy and later in life, he loved to fish and squarel hunt. In the 1916 Milton Gazette "Cooperville Items" he is mentioned as will as his father Jasper and grandfather Jeff.
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