Annie Mae Cooper
husband:  James Henry Hinote

1. Charles (Pharoah) Hinote
2. James Wesley (Bill) Hinote
3. Mary (Louisa) Hinote
4. James Cleveland Hinote
5. Ethel Bernice Hinote
6. Allen Hinote
7. Fletcher Byron Hinote

Annie Mae Cooper  was the fifth of six children and the only daughter born to John Robinson Cooper and Dorah Bloodworth Cooper. She was born May 3, 1889 in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

When Annie Mae was three years old her mother and one of her older brothers, Johnny, died during the great flu epidemic of 1892.  She had had two older brothers, Ruiel and Joseph that had died before her birth. Ruiel was only two and Joseph was three when they died. The cause is unknown. Annie Mae's father had become very ill with the Flu in 1892 but had somehow survived but in a weakened state. During the following August of 1893 John Robinson Cooper had a relapse of the flu and passed away. This left the three surviving children of John and Dorah: Sam, Floyd and Annie Mae without parents. Based on oral history, the three children went to live with their grandmother Louisa Slay Cooper at the old homestead. Louisa had lost her husband, John Jordan Cooper, two grandsons, two sons and two daughters in laws to the flu of 1892-93. Louisa was having a difficult time raising the three young children so one of Dorah's sisters by the name of Lou Bloodworth Dean took them to live with her in Pace, Florida.

Annie Mae married Jim Hinote on July 26, 1905 when she was sixteen years old and Jim was twenty one. They had been married 49 years when Annie Mae passed away. During their life together they had seven children. Annie Mae died July 2, 1954 and here final resting place is in the Strickland cemetery.