The purpose of this web site is to update the descendants of the "Cooper Basin" Coopers on the progress of the research, on the history of our family, and to honor our ancestors that made it possible for us to be here today. It is my hope that this web site will also strengthen the bond that holds our family together.

What you will find at this web site is most of the information that I have gathered over the last thirteen years with the help of many of our cousins. There is still much work to do and hopefully it will be an ongoing process far into the future.

Who are the "Cooper Basin" Coopers? - We are the descendants of John Jordan Cooper and Louisa Slay Cooper who settled next to a basin off the Blackwater River, east of Milton, Florida in 1856. It was named Cooper Basin because John Jordan Cooper was the first person to stake claim to the land and his homestead encompassed the basin.


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